About Us

If we improve the quality of education, we can change the world.

Foqas was founded in 2014 with the vision to help educators experience greater success, leading to greater student achievement. We believe education has the power to change lives, but there is an issue with the quality and equity in education. We realized if we sought to improve education, we could solve a lot of the other major issues in society. How do we improve education? We start with the educators.

foqas mission

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower teachers to change students' lives by equipping them with the support and resources they need. At Foqas, we are teacher centered. We know the direct impact teachers have on student achievement is significant and we also know teachers can't do their jobs well without support. Teachers face many obstacles on a daily basis, but we realized if we could remove some of those obstacles, we could improve the quality of education as a whole.

Our objectives at Foqas are to:

  • Create a space where teachers can connect with one another.
  • Promote a culture where knowledge and experience are shared.
  • Guide teachers to become leaders in their field of interest.

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